Rika Williams
I’ve been seeing Linda at Radiant for about 10 years. She is #1 on my list of massage therapists. She knows exactly where your body needs work. Each session is unique to what you’re needing at the time. You’ll find that she talented, engaging, caring and listens to her clients. I would recommend Linda to anyone!!
Heather J.
Linda at Radiant Beauty and Wellness did my PlasmaPen fibroblasting work. Full face and neck was performed with dots and an advanced spray techniques. My results were nothing short of outstanding. My pores totally shrunk and my under and uppers eyelids tightened with a non-surgical measurable shrink. I would recommend my friends and family.
Penny F.
I had the best massage I've had in many many years! Even two days later I still feel relaxed... This is truly a special place, and Linda is amazing! She really took the time and tailored the massage for what I needed. My neck has been super tight and my lower back, they still feel great. The place is very clean and cute! I highly recommend Radiant Beauty!
Ghazaleh M
I was looking for a good massage place and I found Radiant Beauty and wellness finally. Linda is the best, her magical hands healed my back and neck. I have never had such a good massage in my life. I have recommended this place to so many of my friends and I will definitely recommend anyone who is looking for a deep tissue massage to go here.
Nicole B.
I was fortunate enough to have found Linda to help relieve chronic shoulder and neck pain. I have an autoimmune disease that causes crippling muscle pain that I've walked around with for years and I finally found someone who can heal me. After several sessions, I can walk around without feeling any tension or pain! My sleep has improved and she recommended to use her CBD oil daily for my problem areas as needed which really is a life saver. Linda is extremely talented and passionate about her work and the proof is in my results! Thanks so much Linda!
Jade S.
Update!! This is my second review for Radiant Beauty and Wellness... Linda has healed me from crippling migraines and I wish everyone could find relief like I have! Anyway, this review is more about her CBD oil which I recommend to anyone experiencing ANY chronic pain!! I was skeptical at first because I have tried MANY others and found that not one benefited me, so I gave up on trying out new ones. But I thought, just one more, she has incredible reviews from others, so why not. This CBD oil is superior to others because the ingredients she uses are natural and pure so it's not diluted, maximum strength, and it smells nice too! She applied it to my back, neck, scalp, and jaw area during my massage.. all the tightness melted away and slept great that night!!! So I ended up purchasing a bottle to use for myself daily for pain management. It's honestly a life changer! I started using it on my husband for his sciatic nerve pain, and now he uses it daily also. This CBD oil is the only thing that helps lessen his pain. Soooo being that my grandmother has arthritis as well as hip issues, I decided to buy her two bottles and this is the only thing that gets her up and able to move around each day!! I basically have this stuff on a monthly order now!! It's nice to add it to my massage once in a while too when my body is extra tense :)
Caitie K.
I was referred to Linda from a friend, which is the best way to find what your looking for by the way. I needed help with my left shoulder and upper back, I workout on a regular basis and my work creates a lot of tension in my shoulders and neck. I love that Linda really takes the time to listen to how I got my pain and to understand what I'm going through. After that, she explained to me how she was going to help improve it and even gave me tips to take care of it at home. I'm extremely picky with massages working in the health and wellness industry myself, her fluid massage was incredibly relaxing and therapeutic. Thanks to her massages and advice I can now say my shoulder is 90% healed! Her space is very welcoming with complimentary tea and beautiful music. Her room was quiet, clean, smelled heavenly of essential oils, and really helped me let go and relax. I highly recommend Linda for a relaxing and healing massage that you can maintain on a regular basis thanks to her amazing prices, packages, and knowledge!